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November 13, 2018
New 1st Grade California Curriculum

(California Family Council) This first grade lesson pictured is part of a history and social studies curriculum that is being piloted right now in schools all around California which promotes a bias perspective on the policy achievements of governor Gavin Newsom.

Millions of Californians who voted twice to define marriage as the union of a man and a woman opposed Newsom’s flagrant defiance of our state’s marriage laws and use of the courts to push his personal views of marriage on the population.”

Every Californian should call their own school district to see if this new curriculum has been introduced in their school district and let them know what you think of this new textbook. (Read more)

November 09, 2018
Christian Wisdom in Silicon Valley

(Breakpoint) Do you remember "What would Jesus do?" Here's a new question: What would Benedict do?

You've probably heard something about the Rule of Saint Benedict, a famous work written in the sixth century by Benedict of Nursia, the founder of Western monasticism. For fifteen hundred years The Rule has guided monks in their shared religious life by encouraging prayer, obedience, and manual labor. It also served as a foundation for the idea of a written constitution and the rule of law across medieval Europe. (Read More)

November 08, 2018
Pro-Abortion Women’s March Slams White Women for Voting Pro-Life: You Have “A Lot of Learning” to Do

(LifeNews) A movement that claims to stand for women now is blaming white women for not following in lockstep with its agenda.

Pro-life advocates suspected from the start that the Women’s March was not really about women’s rights but a radical left-wing, pro-abortion agenda. It became clear when the march kicked out several feminists groups after learning that they are pro-life.  (Read More)

November 08, 2018
Brent Bozell: Europe Suppresses Speech for Muslim 'Feelings'

(CNSNews) In the age of Trump, the American media insist that freedom of speech is in danger because they somehow consider mocking journalists a suppression of free speech.

Now imagine if America had a law where you couldn't mock Christian doctrines without facing a fine.  (Read More)

November 08, 2018
For Asia Bibi, a Prison without Bars

(FRC) Asia Bibi may have been acquitted, but she still isn't free. The radical Muslim mobs are still protesting in the Pakistani streets, chanting for the Christian woman's death. Prison, for now, is the safest haven she has.

For Bibi, who won a historic victory from nine-year-old blasphemy charges in court, the ruling was a shock.  (Read More)

November 08, 2018
Canada offers a life lesson to a timid, quiet Church

(OneNewsNow) A longtime Canadian activist has been warning for years that Christians are the enemy of the State, and now an allegation of outright discrimination in Ontario is highlighting that ongoing antagonism.  (Read More)

November 08, 2018
Good News for Americans Who Object to Obamacare’s Contraception Mandate

(Daily Signal) Those who cherish religious liberty can celebrate a major victory this week.

On Wednesday, the Department of Health and Human Services published final rules that provide much-needed relief from one of Obamacare’s most egregious assaults on rights of conscience and religious liberty: the mandate that nearly all health insurance plans cover abortion-inducing drugs and contraception.  (Read More)

November 01, 2018
The Rise of Anti-Semitism in the U.S.

(BreakPoint) Each and every Christian should be clear on this point: Anti-Semitism in any and all forms is a despicable evil.

On Saturday morning, a terrorist entered Tree of Life synagogue in the Squirrel Hill neighborhood of Pittsburgh and opened fire during Shabbat services. Before being shot and captured by police, Robert Bowers killed eleven people, including two brothers, a married couple in their 80’s, and a 97-year old woman.  (Read More)

November 01, 2018
Protests, Death Threats Roil Pakistan After Acquittal of Christian on Death Row for Blasphemy

(CNSNews) Islamic radicals in Pakistan threatened to kill judges and urged soldiers to mutiny, calling on supporters to wreak havoc across the country in response to the Supreme Court’s acquittal of a Christian woman sentenced to death for “blaspheming” Mohammed.  (Read More)

November 01, 2018
Attorney Becomes Pro-Life After Watching “Gosnell” Movie: “At Some Point It’s Not Abortion, It’s Murder”

(LifeNews) Missouri lawyer Adam Mill was “agnostic” about the abortion issue before seeing “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer.”

But like many others who have watched the film, Mill said he changed his mind after learning about the reality of the abortion industry in America today.  (Read More)

November 01, 2018
Arabian Sights: A Future for Tolerance

(FRC) Most Americans don't know a whole lot about the United Arab Emirates (UAE), except maybe for the Burj Khalifa -- the tallest man-made structure in the world. What they don't realize is that the UAE is also head and shoulders above a lot of their Middle Eastern neighbors in another aspect: religious tolerance. Compared to a lot of Islamic countries, the view from there is even more impressive.  (Read More)

November 01, 2018
New York signs call Trump supporters ‘trash’ who must be purged from city

(LifeSiteNews) Over the past few days New Yorkers have been shocked and appalled by new signs claiming to be from the city sanitation department, identifying Trump supporters and socially-conservative Christians as “trash” who don’t belong in the Big Apple.

Last week, posters bearing the message “Keep NYC Trash Free” and the logo of the New York City Sanitation Department began appearing on buildings and trash cans in New York City...  (Read More)

November 01, 2018
Planned Parenthood Spending $50 Million Trying to Take Over Congress

(LifeNews) Today, Live Action released a report detailing how millions of dollars in taxpayer funding to Planned Parenthood are allowing it to turn around and spend millions of dollars in the 2018 midterms to elect pro-abortion politicians who will fight against abortion industry regulations and keep the taxpayer funding flowing.  (Read More)

October 25, 2018
Is the Media Polling a Fast One on Voters?

(FRC) Polling has changed a lot in the last several years. And 16 days out from one of the most significant midterm elections in history, it's important to know how.

If you're like most Americans, you don't know which headlines to believe. You can see two surveys on the same party the same day with dramatically different results. One second, Republicans have the advantage. The next, Democrats do.  (Read More)

October 25, 2018
“Gosnell” Producer Asks Pro-Lifers to Counter Hollywood’s Censorship By Watching Movie This Weekend

(LifeNews) It truly is all hands on deck time.

As theaters continue to drop “Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer” (roughly 500 to date), it is imperative that pro-lifers and all those people who are fair-minded about abortion hear and see the true story of the West Philadelphia abortionist who murdered hundreds of full or nearly full-term babies...  (Read More)

October 25, 2018
Peer-Reviewed Pranksters

(Breakpoint) Twenty years ago, mathematician Alan Sokal set out to prove that postmodernism in academia was “fashionable nonsense.” So, he wrote a gibberish paper combining post-structuralist lingo with physics terms, and submitted it to the journal, “Social Text.” Not only was his deliberate drivel accepted, but over 1,500 papers have cited it as source material.  (Read More)

October 25, 2018
Human Rights Watch: Palestinians crush dissent with torture

(OneNewsNow) The charges came in a new report released by the New York-based watchdog, following a two-year investigation that included interviews with nearly 150 people, many of them ex-detainees. It accused both the Western-backed Palestinian Authority in the West Bank and the Islamic militant Hamas in Gaza of using "machineries of repression" to stifle criticism.  (Read More)

October 25, 2018
Christian teachers ask to leave after bomb blast rips home

(OneNewsNow) Christian teachers are facing deadly persecution in northeastern Kenya at the hands of Islamic militants.

Five teachers have been killed this year including two earlier this month in Mandera, located along the Kenya-Somalia border.  (Read More)

October 25, 2018
Cecile Richards Recalls Obama Forcing Christians to Fund Abortions: “No Sweeter Day in My Lifetime”

(LifeNews) Abortion activist Cecile Richards told a women’s group that one of her “sweetest” moments in life was working with President Barack Obama on the oppressive Obamacare HHS mandate.  (Read More)

October 18, 2018
Should Doctors Help Children Die - Without Parents’ Knowledge?

(Family Policy Alliance) When you think of someone taking their life through assisted suicide, perhaps you think of an elderly person, or at least of a young adult with a terminal diagnosis.

But that’s not where assisted suicide is headed. All you have to do is look to Europe – or even Canada.  (Read More)



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